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Rock-a-Baby Fair

September 12, 2016


I’m so excited for this years Rock-a-Baby Fair brought to you by the awesome sister team made up of Alex Royston, Bailey Bezuidenhout and Cheska Stark, founders of one of the sweetest Mommy blogs around called Kimmy & Bear.

The fair is the perfect place where moms and moms-to-be can discover deluxe baby goods whilst enjoy delicious food, sounds like the best afternoon right?! Chuck in a hammock that comes standard with a 40-minute uninterrupted nap and you’ve got the perfect day planned. I’m giving away tickets and an awesome hamper, details are at the end of the post!

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High Tea – Four Seasons Westcliff

June 18, 2016

High Tea - Four Seasons Westcliff-1


A few days ago my friend Gina and I went for High Tea at The Four Season Westcliff. We were shown upstairs to The View restaurant and seated at a table on their balcony which offers you a view of Johannesburg like no other, it’s uninterrupted, vast and it’s accompanied by a cake stand full of sweet and savoury goodies that will have you smiling like someone who’s had way to much happy gas.

The menu for High Tea is set, you get five sweet and five savoury items per person and on this particular day we were treated to an Apple and Pear Afternoon Tea, which included Raspberry Poached Pear and Chocolate Tarts, Homemade Pecan Praline Scones, Apple and Pomegranate Verrine, Mascarpone and Pear Cheesecake and Apple Cinnamon Palmiers, which were all really delicious. My favourite were the Palmiers and the Pecan Praline Scones, which I scoffed down with honey whipped butter. Holy Moley.

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Work Shop New Town

June 8, 2016



If any of you have gone down to the woods lately, the woods being the Johannesburg CBD you will have come across a relatively new venture called Work Shop New Town, which if summed up in one sentence, is a really awesomely designed warehouse space that houses over 100 local designers showcasing and selling their products.

The actual building that Work Shop New Town exists in a massive potato shed that was built in 1911, photos of what this place looked like before are so interesting . The architects have used the space beautifully filling it with pockets of interest here and there and creating architectural pieces that are very pleasing to the eye.

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Jobest Club – Bloggers Edition

May 29, 2016

Jobest Club -  Bloggers Edition-1

Anna-Belle and I are so excited to announce our second Jobest Club event taking place on the 9th of July. We are hosting a Jobest Club –  Bloggers Edition and it’s aimed at everyone who has a blog, want’s to start a blog or doesn’t even know what the word ‘blog’ means. 

We have some very cool speakers, starting with Anthony Bila from The Expressionist. This very talented individual is going to cover his journey as a photographer and his lessons learnt along the way, this will be followed by a talk by Anna-Belle and me as Golden about how you can make money from your blog. Cha-ching cha-ching! 

Our good friend Dylan Meadon from IXD will also be there on the day showing people how to actually start a WordPress Blog from scratch and Lizette Watts’ from Nomads & Co. is going to cover Creative Writing For Your Blog.

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Omega Luxury Mountain Retreat

May 4, 2016



This year will be my second Mother’s Day. I’m not going to lie I’m really looking forward to the times when Nina James is going to come bearing gifts made from uncooked pasta, glitter and the overpowering but intoxicating scent of Pritt clear glue. I think things like that are so sweet. She’s still a bit young for such activities, I know this because we attempted to make a birthday card for Shane and it ended in her face covered in paint and macaroni all over the dining room floor. On the plus side though the pasta kept her occupied for a solid 20 minutes and Shane received a card unlike any other, it looked like someone had wiped their hands on it after falling into a puddle of grey mud.

In a few days it’s Mother’s Day, a day where you get to show your mom just how special she is and just how much you love her. So seeing as I am a mom I thought about what I’d like to get for Mother’s Day this year and then I remembered our awesome trip to Omega Luxury Mountain Retreat in Clarens just over a year ago. It was honestly one of the best weekends I’ve ever spent out of Johannesburg. These cabins are beautifully decorated, each one has a private deck and jacuzzi and they overlook landscapes that will have you crying into your pillow at night because you don’t want to close your eyes and go to sleep.

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Fort Greene Flea Brooklyn

April 17, 2016

Fort Greene Flea Brooklyn-14

Fort Greene Flea Brooklyn-2

Slowly buy surly I am getting through all my New York photos and creating posts on them. Today I’m excited to show you a very cool spot that we ventured out to in Brooklyn called Fort Greene Flea. This market has over 50 vendors set up in a 40,000-square-foot schoolyard at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School. They describe it as part vintage bazaar, part old-fashioned town square, and part food bonanza. I describe it as the best damn flea market I have ever been too.

You will find an array of antique goodness from clothes to collectables at Greene Fort, but my favourite stall was Dan’s Parents’ House which was chockablock full of childhood treasures from, you guessed it Dan’s parents’ house. Basically Dan and his wife bought his old childhood home from his parents and with it came over 30 years worth of stuff that his folks had collected/hoarded over the years, things people didn’t want to throw away and so left with them and then all his and his brother’s toys from when they were young. How awesome?!

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