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GIVEAWAY: Memories worth holding

October 22, 2018

GIVEAWAY: Memories-worth-holding-5

Let me ask you guys a question when last did you go out and have a bunch of photos printed? If you’re anything like me then you have thousands of photos on your phone, computer and hard drive, but hardly ever print any out. I often have a moment when I look at a photo that I’ve taken or posted and think, that would be a great one for a frame or the fridge, or to just give to my mom. BUT 9 times and of 10 I don’t go and get anything printed and they just stay floating around in the Cloud and beyond.

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Up up and away with Steri Stumpie Lite

October 2, 2018


Sometimes all you need is an ice cold Steri Stumpie Lite and a hot air balloon ride to make your day awesome! Up until last Friday I had never  been on a hot air balloon before, it’s been something I have wanted to do forever so when I was chatting with the awesome folk from Steri Stumpie about their new range of Lite flavoured milk and they offered to take me up on one and I was like ‘YES PLEASE!’. And then when they said that they wanted to offer me two tickets (Worth R5000) to give to one of my followers together with an amazing Steri Stumpie Lite goody bag, again I was ‘YES PLEASE, TIMES A MILLION!’.

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Little Dear Rae

May 16, 2018


I’m so excited to tell you guys about this beautiful little project from the awesome ladies who run Dear Rae Jewellery. They have just launched their very first ever collection for little ones called ‘Little Dear Rae.’ I mean how awesome is that?! So now not only will you be converting every piece that they put out for adults but you’ll be doing the same for the kiddies collection too. Made up of beautiful, timeless little collectable treasures, these pieces teach girls and boys from an early age about the value of kindness, courage and self-love. I absolutely loved the way they describe them as little treasures because that’s exactly what they are and when I was younger, things like this used to make me so happy! 

Not only has this collection been created in line with the brand’s adult aesthetics, but every trinket has also been paired up with a little watercolour print and a verse from the Little Dear Rae poem. They even have little drawstring backpacks to match, which I may or may not steal when Nina James is sleeping! It’s so super cute!  Continue Reading…


The heart of any home

October 26, 2017


When you have kids just about every aspect of your life changes and that includes your home. Stuff gets moved or sold because it’s not baby friendly, things get moved up a shelf or two, your couch if you were ever precious about it soon becomes part of your kids climbing apparatus and you slowly but surely learn to let go of certain habits or rules that would have been firmly in place before the little tykes arrived

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MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet – 20 Years of Giving Back

October 23, 2017


I’m so pleased to announce that I’ll be partnering with one of South Africa’s most trusted and established community loyalty programmes, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet to celebrate their 20th anniversary this year. Launched in 1997 the programme raises more than R6 million a MONTH for a wide range of schools, charities, and conservation organisations and to date has over 1.2 million supporters and has raised over R500 million over the last 20 years!

During this celebratory period, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet want to know what matters most to all of you! They want to hear which charity or school you care about and in exchange, they’re giving TWENTY lucky people a R20 000 Woolworths gift card each as well an additional R20 000 to every winner’s chosen beneficiary! How awesome?!

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GIVEAWAY: Nutribullet Baby Bullet

August 21, 2017

My baby boy who is over seven months old already (insane!!) has started eating solids, which just, by the way, he is really into! When he sees a bowl and spoon coming towards him he literally starts squealing with excitement, it’s so sweet.

We got a Nutribullet Baby Bullet which means I get to make Rex and Nina James all kinds of cool things and the best part is it comes with an array of bits and bobs which makes using it pretty easy and fun! I mean just look at the packaging, isn’t it just too sweet? I love the smiley face design and the retro green and cream colours they’ve used, it’s all just too perfect and the kit comes with the best accessories. There are little happy-faced storage containers which come with their own simple dating system so you know exactly when you’ve made every batch. There also two silicone trays so you can freeze food or make fruit popsicles, which in Summer are going to go down a treat!

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