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Cube Tasting Kitchen

October 19, 2016



Now I’m not a huge fan of molecular gastronomy, I always worry that by the end of the meal which is more than likely going to be made up of a dusting of this and a foam version of that I’m still going to be hungry and slightly confused, but this wasn’t the case at Cube Tasting Kitchen.

The food, every last crumb and deconstructed molecule of it was delicious. What’s even better is that their menu is ever changing and is worked on by all the chefs in the kitchen so it’s a combination of their talents, meaning that it’s compiled and deliberated over for days before the final result is achieved.


Cube to me is like a secret club for people who love eating things and combinations that you’ve probably never heard of before. They serve a set menu which is made up of 12 tasting dishes so the portions are small but by the end of it, you’re full, happy and excited to have tried some new things that you are most definitely not going to come across at your mom’s house, unless your mom is Gordan Ramsey.



Here are some of the dishes we indulged in on the night – A homemade bread offering which included tomato butter, warm potato garlic air and olive caviar. A King Cone which came with leeks, pâté, truffle ice cream, pepper and fig. Grilled spiced yoghurt chicken thigh with roast coconut and masala cremeaux, carrot orange salad and a special curry ‘powder’. Nitro meringues, which literally came out of a smoking pot at our table. Braised beef cheeks and earthy truffles and one of the best parts of the night a tray of home-made sweet delicacies such as macaroons, taffy, cannolis, fudge, marshmallows and more! These are just some of the things we got to taste.











If you have never been to Cube Tasting Kitchen before then I suggest you hint for it as your next birthday/ anniversary/celebratory/I’m sorry I didn’t notice your new hairstyle dinner. Booking is essential but I must warn you it’s pretty pricey, you’re looking at about R770 per person and that’s just for the food, it’s worth it though as it makes for such a special night out.

Tel number: 082 422 8158

Address: 17 4th Avenue, Parktown North

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