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Homemade Sweetie Pies

December 20, 2016


I love Sweetie Pies, I don’t buy them often when I go to the shops but every now and then I spot them and they come home with me, only to be devoured like 20 minutes later on the couch. So I was thinking to myself that I’d try my hand at making some homemade Sweetie Pies that way I could change the name to homemade Angie Pies and eat as many as I want without anyone knowing. Good plan right?

I recently was invited to see Poetry’s latest SS17 Homeware collection, which is so so pretty. I landed up coming home with a few pieces, obviously, I’m a sucker for ceramics and kitchenware, especially ones with gold trimmings and swishes of pale blue paint. I also bought myself an absolutely amazing set of knives, forks and spoons from Laguiole which I’m in love with. So after my Angie Pies were made I hauled out my new kitchen loot and put together a little shoot, as one would.

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The simple things in life

August 25, 2016


The simple things in life are often the things that you don’t have to put too much thought behind. Country Road recently invited me to celebrate the simpler things in life and because I absolutely love their stuff and wish that my whole house slash life was made out of everything Country Road I jumped onboard.

When I think about how I enjoy the simple things in my life it often involves me hanging out with Nina James doing pretty much whatever she feels like doing. Often on a Saturday we’ll hang out in our pj’s a little longer than normal and just play, she’s really into jumping on beds nowadays which is both cute and terrifying at the same time as my child seems to have no fear! Another thing that she absolutely loves doing is ‘reading’. She has loads of books and one of my favourite things to do is to just watch her literally page through them talking to herself and pointing things out here and there. It’s so so sweet.

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July 20, 2015



Yesterday was my birthday and I got to spend it with 2 of my favourite people in the whole world, my Nina James and my Shane. I got so spoilt by Shane and Nina (I’ll save that gift for another post), but I also got such a cool package from the guys at SodaStream. They sent me one of their new metal and wood veneer machines, which is absolutely beautiful and goes so perfectly in my kitchen, it’s like it was made just for it. I set it up over the weekend and every time I pop in there I shoot it a little smile because it looks so damn good. It’s like a mini trophy wife that can add fizz to water. Amazing.

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NetFlorist and Lucky Pony

July 3, 2015


A couple of months ago I got invited along with a few friends of mine, Misha from Brandslut and Anna-Belle from She Said to the NetFlorist headquarters to basically spend a whole morning designing and putting together flower arrangements. Our brief was to come up with whatever our hearts desired, anything that would make our faces happy if they got delivered to our front doors. We had so much fun picking flowers and succulents, vases and wooden crates to make our little creations come to life.

I love succulents which means that they pretty much landed up in all my arrangements, except one. I actually decided to create a wreath made up of succulents, penny gum and safari, which I think landed up being my favourite piece because it was so out of the ordinary and fun. I thought it would be perfect in the middle of a dinning room table or hanging above your bed. I always see wreaths on Pinterest and wish I could have some in my house, so I’m happy now that I can. My other arrangements vary in size from a generous bunch of awesome penny gum, lisianthus, safari, premium roses and proteas to succulents and proteas in a wooden crate, right down to a just a single succulent in a sweet little tin bucket.

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Skinny laMinx Diggi Dot collection

June 10, 2015
I have been a long time fan of the local label Skinny laMinx and their handmade prints and products. In fact I think I own probably like half of their previous collections! Below is their new Diggi Dot range, which is so much fun and so graphically satisfying and the best part is that this new range goes beautifully with any pieces from the previous ones, which is pretty smart designing if you ask me.

Heather Moore is the smarty pants behind Skinny laMinx and she has been kind enough to actually give me TWO Diggi Dot cushion covers from the latest collection (seen below). So I thought it would be cool to give one to one of you guys and then you can give the second one to a friend. You can choose any two you like and they’ll be delivered straight you your front doors.

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