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May 3, 2022
Wren tufted rug

Time for another interior round-up and today I’m going to share some super cool rugs that I have spotted, that I think would bring some life and fun to any room. 

When it comes to adding pieces to your home it’s good to explore more, rather than fewer options. I always feel like you need to physically have a piece with you to really know whether it belongs and whether it’s going to become part of the family, especially when it comes to rugs. 

So below are a whole lot of wonderful furry pieces that I’ve found and I’ve included links for all of them just in case you’d like to ‘add to cart’ 🙂

Shapes tufted rug

Sometimes, all it takes is the right corner, the right spot on the table, the right space on a rug to know that you have made the right decision. This is why I love online shopping so much because while I sit in a room that I feel needs a little something-something, I can order it without even having to leave the house and then if it arrives and doesn’t make me happy, I just send it right back, and all whilst wearing my sweats! Best!

This suddenly feels like a post dedicated to my love for online shopping haha! But don’t worry it’s not…If you are in the market for something new to brighten your home, then I have you covered, or should I say your floor covered 🙂  

Balance brick rug
Colour block tufted rug 
Face tufted rug
Option rug – sonny multi
Sunny tufted round rug
Lara tufted rug
Balance boulder rug 
Crater round tufted rug
Gipsy shaggy rug
Gipsy shaggy rug
Zebra tufted rug
Contour woven rug
Afon tufted rug
Oiy-oiy tufted rug

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