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The Loft

March 5, 2015


How cool is this idea – This company called The Loft sources amazing furniture, homeware and lighting and then decorates awesome spaces with all their stuff so that when you go shopping in their ‘store’ you get to experience what it would feel like to have your entire apartment decked out in their goods/vision. So everything inside their meticulously pieced together showrooms is for sale.

If I had to stumble across this loft I’d want to move in immediately. This space is so great! I’d have to be quite sneaky about it though, because it would be pretty awkward when customers walked in and I was there hanging out in my pj’s eating marmite and toast.

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The Canyon Series by Amy Hamley

March 2, 2015


I absolutely love this ceramic range called The Canyon Series by Amy Hamley. She hand paints porcelain pieces with 14K gold luster. How super luxurious is that? I wouldn’t mind if my entire dinner service was made out of The Canyon Series.

It feels like if Willy Wonker were the King of England, his royal crockery would all look like this and I mean this in the best possible way.

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home stuff, interiors

Ferm LIVING’s spring/summer 2015 collection

February 6, 2015


This is Ferm LIVING’s new spring/summer 2015 collection. There are so many wonderful pieces to choose from that I’m kind of glad you can’t get their whole collection here because I would probably bankrupt myself, but I’m also sad that you can’t get their whole collection here. If you know where I’m coming from. Although I think there is as store in Hyde Park that stocks some of their stuff. I better steer clear.

– Danish label ferm LIVING draws on Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm – but with a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item firmly contemporary.

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Pretty ceramics from Koromiko

January 28, 2015


Came across this online store called Koromiko that stocks the prettiest ceramic pieces made by all different designers. I pulled off all the ones I would buy in a heartbeat. They have a bunch of other really nice things for sale too, so check them out if you feel like a bit of a shop.

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Cool spaces: Holiday home in Sweden

January 15, 2015

Jochen Specht-4

How rad is this Summer house located in northern Sweden, built by Mats Fahlander Architects? Love all the wood and glass and it’s unusual shape.

Do you have a “holiday home” folder? I do, I add to it all the time and dream about what it’s going to look like, I would love for it to be located somewhere absolutely crazy beautiful like Santorini or Italy, so when we wake up every morning it literally feels like we’re in heaven. One day… sigh…

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