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500 Hundred at the Saxon Boutique Hotel

February 27, 2013


You know having a blog is so nice, you get invited to events and you get spoilt and it’s really really cool. Sometimes I go to these events and sometimes I don’t, but last night I went to the Terenzo Hairdressing International launch at the Saxon Boutique Hotel and Spa. I popped on my fanciest Jane Sews and I headed over. I have never been to The Saxon before and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Wow, it is huge and it is lavish. Good Lord. I can’t believe that part of that place used to be the owners house before it was a hotel.

Anyway I was invited by the lovely people from Trenzo to check out their brand new salon that they have just opened up. It’s a very sophisticated and sweet looking place with chairs at the hair washing station that actually fold all the way back while you get a head, hand and foot massage. I’m thinking of just going to get that done. Full stop. I mean who needs a new fringe when you can get a 20 minute head massage? Not me.

We were treated to some delicious starters at the beginning of the evening and lots and lots of champaign. They were not shy with the fizzy stuff. We got to meet Terence who is the owner of all the Terenzos, he is really nice and so passionate about what he does, it was really cool to see and hear someone speak so fervidly about their work and their industry.

He told us all about the hair trends to come – apparently colour is getting toned down and cuts are going to be a bit more severe. He also told us about his personal favourite hair product that he absolutely swears by called Mythic oil, that landed up being included in a gift bag that we got given at the end of the night along with a cut and blow at his new salon (so using that!) at the Saxon and a Swedish massage at the spa. We were so spoilt and it didn’t end there…



All this stuff smells amazing. I want to mix it with some ice-cream and milk and have myself a smoothie.







The Terenzo Hair Salon and the Saxon Spa.




Some yummy snacks that I took complete advantage of.

After we got shown around the new Salon and the Saxon Spa we were then taken to the the infamous 500 Hundred restaurant for a 4 course experiential dinner. Now this place is beyond fancy, I can’t even use the word fancy to describe it because the word is just not fancy enough. The restaurant has a bunch of different servers who cater to your every whim. There is literally one person to do everything at your table. One to seat you, one for drinks, one to take orders, one to set up new cutlery, one to pour you wine (which changes with every course). Every course. One to carry the food to the table, one to clear, one to pat you on the back (not really, but I think they would if you asked them to).

I really enjoyed my myself, it was one of those meals where the portions are really small but really delicious and super interesting. There was foam and dust and mousses and bits and pieces and all the dishes were expertly created by the renowned chef David Higgs and his team. I must say I really enjoyed it because it was something different, but if I had taken someone like my dad there he would of been so bummed hahaa. He would of wanted to know where the real food was. No offence Mr Higgs.




My first course: Pressed West Coast crayfish, Hermanus seaweed and nasturtium mayonnaise.


Second course: Eggplant with coffee and mascarpone mousse, pickled eggplant and lime yoghurt.


Loved this label.


Third course: Somked farmed kabeljou with heirloom tomatoes, feta cream and herbed pasta.


We then had grapefruit sorbet dipped in meringue and gold leaf – this was amazing!


Fourth course: Lime sorbet with pomegranate jelly, meringue and pistachio dust (I have left some stuff out here, but I can’t remember what they are). I do remember that it was damn good. Best course of the whole night. 


And this wine was my most favourite wine, but I think it’s because I liked the name and it was sweet and a little a bit fizzy. Yum.


This was another dessert that was ordered at our table, how beautiful is it?

All in all my night was very cool, I didn’t know anyone when I first arrived which bummed me out but in no time that situation changed and it landed up being a really enjoyable evening, so thank you Terence and thank you Jacqui for the invite.

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  • Reese February 27, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Can you take me with you?

  • melissa February 27, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Looks like you got very spoilt. I’m jealous 🙂