Jeans for my sweets

June 14, 2022
Jeans village 

If you are anything like me then you find it pretty hard to find the perfect pair of jeans! I mean, sure there are all sorts of jeans for women in all sorts of styles out there, but finding the perfect pair is never an easy feat!

I love jeans, in fact, I love them so much that my nickname is Pants! Yes, because I wear them all the time haha! My cupboard should have a whole section labelled jeans for women 🙂 A whole side actually! So, when I find a pair that I really like, I almost always (9/10) buy two of the same ones! I’m not even kidding.

High waist straight jeans
Jeans new mom

Recently, the world has gone quite gaga for Mom Jeans, which at first I was like, “Nah these are not for me!” and now I’m like, “Yay, these were made just for me!” Again, I don’t find it super easy to find the absolute perfect pair in the perfect shade of blue or black, but every now and then I’ll strike it lucky and find a one or two that I love.

So if the struggle for you to source the ‘perfect jeans’ is real, then you might like this post 🙂 I have rounded up a few pairs that I found online that I really like, in fact, I actually own a couple of them and I’ve included them here with links 🙂 Have a scroll through and happy shopping! 

Stretch mom jean
Jeans mar – open blue

Slouch mom jean
Jeans village
Arc 3d boyfriend
Mom jean – reef blue
Waist detailed high waist mom jeans 
Wedgie straight forget me not forever 
Jeans mom80
Nibble riot mom jean

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