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Japan you beautiful beast, I’m going to miss you.

June 11, 2013


Yes I’m back from amazing Japan, I have been there for the last 12 days so I’m super sorry for the lack of posts around these parts. But I’m back now and ready to show you guys some of the amazing places I went to.

I’m not sure how many of you have been there before, if you have gone then you will now what I mean when I say that Tokyo is truly one of the best cities I have ever visited and Japanese people are one of a kind in terms of how friendly and accommodating they are. I couldn’t believe how no matter what time of the day you went into a shop or restaurant (and things stay open late), everyone was always friendly and attentive. The city is clean and no matter who does what it always looks like they take their jobs and positions very seriously and complete them with the utmost pride.

If any of you are thinking about ever going to Japan on holiday, I say do it. It’s an amazing place to visit, see and experience and I would go back in a heartbeat.

I’m going to share some photos I took whilst there, I mostly used my iPhone camera so if some of them are a bit shaky, I’m apologising from now. I also downloaded an app whilst there called RoadMovies, where you take 1 second clips and it pieces them together for you to make a 24 second clip. So you can sum up day in 24 seconds, it’s a flipping cool app, but i’m going to try stitch a bunch of them together and make a mini-movie out of it. I’ll post it up when I’m done.

We based ourselves in Shinjuku (then went around to a bunch of other districts), an area that constantly has people in the streets. It’s crazy how many people and places there are to go out to, I think if you can imagine a place you would want to go to, they’ll have it. There are karaoke clubs and restaurants and dance clubs and shops and bakeries (amazing bakeries with amazing things to stuff your face with) and bars and themed restaurants, where you are served by robots or prison guards, ninjas or French maids and fancy shops and not so fancy shops and these crazy convenient stores that have everything you can imagine in them. I know that no matter how much I type I’m never going to be able to describe to you just how cool Tokyo really is, so please forgive me if this gets a bit long. I’m also going to do a few posts so I don’t have like 100 photos in 1 write-up.

I travelled there with Craig’s girlfriend Anna-Belle, who I really enjoyed hanging out with. She’s super fun and sweet and the 4 (we met Shane and Craig there) of us together really had a good time.




Look what I found at one of the duty-free shops at the airport in Doha, I nearly peed in my pants.

After travelling for what felt like 5 days (it seriously takes super long to get there). We arrived and then walked around this giant city for about an hour trying to find our hotel, not a lot of people speak english, so it was quite hard to figure out where to go, but eventually someone helped us and we got there. We decided, after having the world’s best shower to go out exploring and to find ourselves something to eat. We agreed from the start that having dinner at places like Mc Donald’s or Burger King was a huge no-no, we wanted to experience the awesomeness the city had to offer and not the franchised muck that is found in every corner of the world.

We ate at this tiny restuarant that we found down one of the many illuminated alleyways, it was narrow and authentic and we ordred a bunch of things off the menu simply by pointing at the photos. We seriously had some of the best food I have ever tasted that night. It was fresh and it made my mouth want to moonwalk across the table.









These pork dumplings, which we nicknamed ‘half-moons’ were crazy delicious, I think I’m going to get our dim-sum chef to try make them.








This place had crazy wallpaper in it which I really appreciated, especially the lady wearing the cat sweater.




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  • Elli June 11, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Welcome home!

  • Laura June 11, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Welcome back! Awesome pics 🙂 I didn’t think to put Japan on my list of places to visit until now!

  • Alex June 12, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Those “half moons” are called gyoza, or pot stickers if you want to try find a recipe to start from. Your trip looks like it was bloody amazing. Japan has always been somewhere i’ve wanted to go

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