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Doughnut Sugar Cookies

March 28, 2020

I mentioned that I was going to try to share more recipes during these next few weeks. Recipes that anyone can make and hopefully enjoy. So I thought I’d start off with these Doughnut Sugar Cookies, which we decorated with chocolate and then some good old fashioned powdered sugar icing.

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baked goods, My Recipes, RECIPES

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

February 6, 2020

I have just recently become obsessed with these peanut butter filled pretzels that I found at Woolies and whilst I was demolishing yet another bag of them, I thought about how cool it would be if I made my very own Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.

So that is exactly what I did… I eagerly marched into the kitchen, got out all the ingredients and cranked up my oven.

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baked goods, My Recipes, RECIPES

Condensed Milk and Cinnamon Cookies

December 20, 2019

Today I’ll be sharing the last recipe in MAIZENA’s ‘Bake Your Festive Gift’ series and it’s also a goodie! If you’re a fan of condensed milk and a cookie that is soft, slightly chewy and sweet then this is the one for you!

These Condensed Milk and Cinnamon Cookies are pretty straightforward to make, but what I thought I’d do for this post is draw little lines across the middle of them and add some shiny ball sprinkles to make them look like strings of fairy lights.

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baked goods, My Recipes, RECIPES

Meringue Wreaths

December 18, 2019

I’m one of those people that put their Christmas tree up mid-November, that’s how into the festive season I am. So when I came across the idea of Meringue Wreaths for a Christmas tree or Christmas table, I was all in!

What could be better than decorations that look good enough to eat and then can in fact be eaten? Nothing, that’s what 🙂

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