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Dear Rae – Shashe collection

November 19, 2015

Dear Rae - Shashe collection

I’m so excited to share with you guys Dear Rae’s new Jewellery Spring/Summer 2016 collection entitled “Shashe,” in collaboration with Cape Town illustrator and childhood friend, Katrin Coetzer.

Karin Rae the force behind Dear Rae has such a unique way of translating her ideas into pieces that are clean, simple and always beyond beautiful. I really and truly love her work, it makes me happy and this new collection in particular I really love. I like how she uses unusual shapes to create symmetry that is fresh and fun. Go Karin go!

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FASHION, jewellery

Dream Collective jewellery

January 12, 2015



Found this site called Dream Collective that makes such pretty jewellery. I especially like their rings, they’re a bit rough and unrefined, but I mean that in the best way. They have designs made up of beautiful diamonds, gem stones, rose gold and more and then they have a super fun range that is all silver with geometric enamel shapes, that are too cute and a little more affordable.

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FASHION, jewellery

Ideas for nice presents

December 22, 2014


Hand necklace by Maddy Young

So it’s nearly Christmas time, nearly time for everyone to shutdown their work computer, say good bye to all their work colleagues and get the flip out of the office for a few weeks. I love this time of year, you can feel the air change and the spirit of the holiday season giddy-up into town, I love it.

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FASHION, jewellery

Vale Jewelry

December 8, 2014


I came across one piece of Vale Jewelry’s collection on Pinterest last night and decided that it was too awesome not to go looking for it’s friends and I’m so happy that I did. This label makes such pretty and delicate things that look nothing short of beautiful layered or stacked together. The two ladies behind Vale Jewelry are twin sisters Avi and Eva and I think they are super smart, because there is no way in hell that you would be happy with just one piece of their shiny magic.

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My granny has such pretty stuff…

October 23, 2014


Back in the day my gran, the lovely lady above, was and still is now a beautiful woman, who always takes so much pride in her appearance. When I was younger I always remember her being so well put together, her hair was always made up and she always had the prettiest jewellery on.

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