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kiss kiss photography

August 15, 2017

kiss kiss photography

I take a lot of photos of my kids, in fact, I probably have like 100 000 of them stored up on my hard drive, but I literally only have a few really cool photos of myself and them together, which makes me really sad, so when Chloe from Kiss Kiss Photography contacted me and asked if she could come hang out with myself, Nina James and Rex for a morning I was like ‘Yes pllleeeaase!’

I never thought I would enjoy having photos taken of myself at home by someone I literally didn’t know, but Chloe was so warm and friendly and it didn’t feel awkward or strange in any way, it’s like she wasn’t even there and she managed to make a friend out of NJ in under a minute! She knew exactly how to talk to her (first sign that she’s a mom herself) and she knew that pulling out some bubble mixture as a gift would earn her some serious street cred.

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Olly Polly

June 30, 2017


My dear friend Genevieve has just launched a brand spanking new Play Section on her online site for her beautiful kiddies label called Olly Polly. Genevieve’s story is so awesome it started with her just making things for her own daughter’s room whilst fueling her life-long love of design, that then turned into her designing a few pieces for her friends which has now bloomed into her very own little business named after her gorgeous little girl Olive.

I’m so proud of Genevieve she has created something really special and her whole collection which includes toys, furniture and decor is just magical! The pieces are practical but playful too and I think she has hit the nail on the head in terms of mixing these two elements together perfectly.

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Saint Cloud Residence by Tristan Auer

June 27, 2017

Saint Cloud Residence by Tristan Auer-1

So even though this place is the complete opposite of what our house looks like I still love the look of it! The clean sophisticated spaces, the marble finishes, the art and well-placed ornaments, it just blows my mind that two kids actually live in this apartment too. They must be the most well-behaved children on the planet because I don’t see even half a torn Mickey Mouse sticker on anything or any remnants of play dough!

This Saint Cloud Residence was designed by Tristan Auer and every inch of it is just too beautiful. I think I love the terrazzo effect that they’ve used the most, I want a floor like that in the next place we renovate to live in.

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June 11, 2017



When we were kids we used to love ‘camping’ in the TV room. We’d build a fort out of the couches, the cushions, bedsheets, and everything and anything that would hold all those elements in place. It was so much fun to lie under our makeshift tent and watch TV or play games. I’m actually really looking forward to building these with Nina James and Rex one day because I know I’m going to be as amped as them and they make it perfectly alright for a 30-something-year-old adult to have a makeshift tent up in their living room!

Now that I have self-confessed my love for indoor ‘couch tents’ I’ll get to the real point of this post, which is to introduce you guys this local label that I discovered called Krokenoster who make the most amazing sleeping bags I have ever seen, perfect for any tent, real or temporary.

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Spruce up your home with @home

May 8, 2017

coffee table

These days you can pretty much get whatever you want online, which is amazing especially if you are anything like me…I love sitting on my laptop in bed browsing sites and adding things to wishlists and carts. I love the fact that if I want something I can just click a button and boom it gets delivered to my front door and I don’t need to do anything other than unwrap and enjoy what I’ve spoilt myself with.

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Churche, FASHION, photography

Daphne Accessories – Churche

May 2, 2017


This year I promised myself that I would try to do as many shoots as I can with Adi under our label Churche. We love working with local labels, we love the time and effort that has been put into designing or creating what they have to offer and that’s why we were so excited to shoot these beautiful hand rolled scarves made by Daphne Accessories.

These locally manufactured scarves are designed by Danica, who is super sweet and really talented! I love her quirky designs because they are unlike anything I have ever seen before and they involve cats! Made in South Africa from Kashibo fabric with hand-rolled edges, these pieces will have you feeling super fancy in no time. Another awesome thing about Daphne Accessories is that all her scarves are limited edition pieces, so if you buy one you’ll be one of only a lucky few to have that specific print. How cool is that?!

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