Mr Price Summer – wow!

Last Thursday myself and Emma along with a bunch of other very cool bloggers were flown out to Cape Town’s Mr Price Summer Party #MRPMYSUMMER, which took place in the most beautiful garden in Newlands. From the second you walked in you could see just how much effort went into making it an event that like no other. I felt like I was stepping onto Pinterest land, I was seriously blown away – there was a flower crown station, where I found out that I’m not that bad at making flower crowns (fancy that), there was a beauty bar where you could have your nails done and your hair plaited. There were 2 pop-up shops were we could buy ourselves our very own Henry Holland dress, before anyone else, Henry was also there by the way, him and Pixie Geldof (she has some impressive looking bodyguards).

There was all sorts of delicious foods and baked goods, I pretty much tried everything! There was a soft-serve machine, watermelon on sticks, , macaroons, Rolo tarts (I’m still dreaming about those). There was a cocktail bar, a champaign bar and a coffee bar, a burger bar and they were all set up under strings and strings of fairy lights and bunting, which we all danced/slashed ATE MORE under later that night.

I had such an awesome day, Mr Price presented their new Henry Holland line to us in a way I’ll never forget, it was fun and fresh and I wish wish wish there were more launches like this out there, I would be so happy and probably very fat!

We also got to a sneak peak at Mr P’s  new Summer 2014 collection – looks like it’s going to be too much fun, it’ssuper playful  and i’m so happy to see some maxi and midi skirts in there, me and mini skirts don’t gel – check out my next post for a look see.


mr price-1

mr price-20

angie batis

mr price-2

mr price-10

mr price-24

mr price-26

mr price-21

angie batis 2

mr price-27


mr price-28


mr price-23

mr price-32

anthony billa

Hello Anthony

mr price-14

Hello Thithi

mr price-4

Misha face, hello.



table mountain

mr price-33

angie batis 4

Thank you Mr Price. You guys rule.

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02. December 2013 by angie
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Comments (3)

  1. Ah so cool! :)

    I want to go back!

    (and rip those midi skirts off those pretty models).


  2. Not fair, I want to be invited to things like this. Mr Price what about meeeeee?

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