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Maxi dress, maxi delicious monster

January 31, 2016

angie-batis durrant

Are any of you suckers for maxi dresses like I am? I like them mostly because I hate short things that parade my white legies, so when I find one that I like I don’t hesitate to pull out the old credit card and swipe. I was in Rosebank over the weekend where I found this very pretty delicious monster print dress from I Love Leroy. It’s long, it has a nice print and it has pockets. I think all dresses should come with pockets for snacks and things of that nature and I think that when you buy a dress with pockets it should come with prepackaged snacks, like chocolate covered raisons mmmmmm.

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Local Christmas gift ideas

December 9, 2015

picnic ceramics brooche

So it’s almost Christmas time, it’s almost time to pack up your desk, turn off your computers and just forget about everything that involves the word work. Yay! If you guys are anything like me then you started buying Christmas presents like a month ago already, yip I’m that hardcore. I love buying presents and I get so excited if I find something that I know the recipient is going to love 100%. It makes me so happy and this year it’s been so much fun buying things for Nina James too. I mean all this festive stuff is still a bit lost of her, but I’m getting a kick out of it so it’s ok hehe.

For this post I thought about all the local labels that I absolutely love and wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas and I complied a list WITH links, so if you see something that you fancy you can “accidentally” send the link to the one you love or just buy it for yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying yourself a few or a lot of Christmas presents.

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Margot Molyneux – Colour Field S/S16

December 2, 2015

Margot Molyneux - Colour Field S/S16

My friend Margot Molyneux has just released her new collection called Colour Field and it is full of wonderfully textured and coloured pieces that are so so pretty. There is so much of this collection that I know would make my wardrobe so happy and I really like this photoshoot too. Nice one Margot.

– Colour Field is an attempt to translate Helen Frankenthaler’s aesthetic of large areas of single colour into a pattern that complements the simple, clean aesthetic and soft, textured fabrics we’re known for. We’ve used her approach as inspiration to build a colour palette where soft greens, blues, pinks and yellows live beautifully together.

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Where to find nice dresses

November 20, 2015


I don’t know about you guys but I often struggle to find really nice slightly fancy dresses to wear to things. I mean there are lots of them out there but I’m so particular about the type of dresses that I wear that I land up limiting my choices quite a lot. For starters I don’t like anything short which basically cancels out like 3/4 of the options adorning the rails. I get so frustrated sometimes that I land up going to buy a Cinnabon instead and stuffing my face with that. If only I could wear a Cinnabon.

Thank goodness when I needed an outfit the other day for a party I stumbled across this pleated beauty which I instantly fell in love with.  Luckily we were also on balloon duty that day, so before we went out I thought I’d get Shane to snap some photos of me for fun, you know how you do when you have a balloons, a blue dress and a cacti background. It’s a completely normal thing to do right? Right.

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Jane Sews Girls

November 9, 2015



So I have bragged numerous times about how awesome my friend Amy from Jane Sews is, I can’t help myself because if you have ever met her or are friends with her you will know what a wonderful, kind, caring and talented individual she is. She has done so well with her label Jane Sews and is constantly producing awesome collections that just get better and better.

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Gap Kids – Series four

November 8, 2015

little red riding hood

Gap Kids - Series four

It’s time for another #LuckyGAP session with Nina James, but this time around we decided that Sammy Sam should join her in a little stroll through nature while both wearing matching red raincoats. Don’t you think they look like modern day versions of Little Red Riding Hood? These two kids make me so happy and it’s so awesome they’re only 2 months apart in age, Leigh (Sam’s mom) and I are so hoping they’re going to grow up to be best buds – hehe!

How cute do these two look, I could just squeeze them. All the items Sam and Nina James are wearing, except for their shoes are from GAP Kids in Stuttafords. The headband NJ has on is from the lovely Ruth and her line RuthJ Baby Accessories (ruthjbabyaccessories@gmail.com). I wish Sam’s parrot shorts came in a adult size, that print is just too awesome.

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