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Win with Lucky Pony and Venus

November 19, 2015


A little while back I did a post on a cool giveaway that I’m still running with Venus and their new Snap Razor where you can win yourself a shopping spree at Topshop worth R20 000.

Venus asked me to think about what my perfect mom’s breakaway would be and after a bit of thought I broke it down into two parts and in this post I’m going to tell you about part one, which would be a day out by myself doing things that I like when I have a bit of free time. Being a mom is the most amazing thing on the planet, but every now and then a little alone time is just what the imaginary doctor ordered and so below I’m going to include some of my favourite places to visit and what I would pack in my bag for a perfect one day mom’s breakaway right in my backyard. I’m then going to encourage you guys to shoot and upload what you would pack in your bag for a mini-break or even a long-break away, so that you can put yourself in line to win this awesome shopping trip.

So I’d pack a Lomo Camera so I can snap some memories, you always need memories I don’t care what anyone says. I’d pack some Summer apparel like my Jane Sews sandals, a cool hat and my favourite sunglasses and then I’d make sure I have my nifty and super compact Venus Snap Razor just in case I fancy a bit of a swim along the way and seeing as it’s been like 108° lately I think a swim would definitely be on the cards.

Here are some of my favourite spots:

The Zoo Lake Public Swimming Pool, which is one of the nicest public pools around. It’s big, it’s blue and it reminds me of a place lost in time what with it’s retro architecture and pale pink and blue paint. I really love this spot and it’s perfect to for a quick dip to make you feel like a normal human being again. How hot has it been lately?! Holy moly.

– Corner Prince of Wales and Parkwood drives, Parkwood, Johannesburg

zoo lake pool-4

zoo lake pool-5

zoo lake pool-2-venus

Win with Lucky Pony and Venus

Zoo Lake is another one of my favourites because it’s right next to the pool and it’s full of snappy ducks, beautiful trees and and old school ice-scream guys on their bicycles that sell the real deal red lollies. You know the ones that are so red that your mouth changes colour and stays that that way for at least the next couple of hours ha!

– Jan Smuts Avenue and West World StreetJohannesburg, South Africa

zoo lake-1

zoo lake-3

zoo lake-2


Another one of my favourite places to visit and this might be an obvious one, but I have to include it because it’s awesome, is Mr Big Stuff in Braamfontein. Sometimes I genuinely will take a drive out there, order a burger and chips and sit alone stuffing my face until I can’t move. It’s the best.

-The Grove, No. 87 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

mr big stuff-wallpaper

angie batis durrant01

mr big stuff burger

mr big stuff-angie

For a quick and some of the best coffee I have to support my boys at Father. It’s funny I don’t really drink that much coffee but every now and then I feel like one and when I do I want to make sure that it’s good and they never disappoint.

– 73 Juta St. Braamfontein, Johannesburg

father coffee

father coffee-3

father coffee-2

The last place I’m going to mention is a little flower shop called the Rambling Rose Florist (next to Moyos Zoo Lake). It’s small, it’s quaint and it has the prettiest flowers that you can quickly pop in a buy. I also love the way it looks, it’s like something the wicked witch of the West would own and I mean this in the best way. There are lots of things hanging from the ceiling and little bits and pieces here and there, it’s very sweet.

– Nextdoor to moyo in Zoo Lake

angie batis

Win with Lucky Pony and Venus-2


So these are some of my favourite spots that would make up my mini-mom’s breakaway and in the photos are some of the things I would take along with me. Now it’s your turn to show me what you have in your bag so that you can win a shopping spree from Venus worth a whopping R20 000 at Topshop! All you have to do to stand a chance to win is:

  1. Buy one of their Venus Snap razors
  2. Snap a flat lay image including your Venus Snap Razor
  3. Upload it to Instagram using #VenusOnTheGo
  4. Visit GilletteSA on Facebook for terms & conditions


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