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Sanda Anderlon

February 26, 2015

Sanda Anderlon-10

Sanda Anderlon is an artist who lives in Zagreb, Croatia. She makes both static and animated works, ranging in style, from metaphorical eye-candies, childish cartoons or old-school pen on paper studies to collaged XL narrative visual feasts, like the one below.

This giant collage is entitled Party, which describes as a drunken jungle in a two-storey collage. I just think it’s pure magic. There is so much going on, it’s like a modern day ‘Where’s Wally?’ Would love to get lost in this piece in real life.



Sanda Anderlon-1

Sanda Anderlon-2

Sanda Anderlon-11

Sanda Anderlon-3

Sanda Anderlon-10

Sanda Anderlon-9

Sanda Anderlon-4

Sanda Anderlon-8

Sanda Anderlon

Sanda Anderlon-5

Sanda Anderlon-7

Sanda Anderlon-6


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