February 25, 2015


If any of you are friends with me you will know that I’m not a good flyer. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I’m pretty pathetic on a plane and if I was forced to be an air hostess, all the passengers on my flights would be nervous wrecks by the end of them and I would probably be drunk on whiskey and fear. Not a good combo.

Last week we were flying for the first time with Nina James. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous. Not only did I have to try to keep myself calm on a plane, I now had a 6 and half-month-old to think about too. I had taken notes of all the tricks, make sure she’s sucking a dummy or a boob or a bottle on both take-off and landing. Take toys to distract them. Sit in an aisle seat so that you can get up and down easily. Check, check and check.

We boarded, we took off and my Nina was a star the whole way there and back, she even slept for about 40 minutes on the first trip. I was so relieved when we landed, I think mostly because my two feet were back on solid ground and I could actually see and touch the ground! But also because I felt in a weird way like I had accomplished something, I took my baby on a plane and she was fine and in a strange way she calmed me a bit, I think because I was concentrating on her every move and also hoping that she wasn’t going to scream blue murder at some point.

It got me thinking about how awesome it would be to not be scared of things, like flying because you don’t know what fear is yet. Being a baby is amazing because you’re discovering new things all the time, like your feet and how you can stick them in your mouth, but also you’re completely free of all negative emotion, guilt, fear, sadness (real sadness), worry, stress, well you get the picture. Your mind and body are still pure, imagine being able to live in that state.

As we grow up we attach emotion and thought to every little thing that we do, whether it be good or bad. I’m not saying this is wrong, I’m just saying that I think every now and then it would be great to look at a situation or moment like a child would, wide-eyed and eager to take it all in. And that’s what I’m going to think about the next time I’m on a plane, thousands of feet up in the air, I’m going to try to be like Nina James, I’m going to try to see what’s in front of me and not let my mind run off with Mr Worst Case Scenario. In fact I think I’m going to try practice this sort of thinking at least once a day, where I let go of all my negative thoughts, let go of all the small things that might be irritating me or playing on my emotions and just live and breath in that moment, whatever it may be, even if it’s just me making tea or changing Nina’s nappy, well maybe I won’t breathe in too hard doing that one 🙂

This post is quite random, but I just started typing and this is what came out. Ha!



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