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Osamu Yokonami

August 13, 2013

These photos are by a Japanese photographer named Osamu Yokonami. I’m thinking you’ve guessed that I like them because they’re a bit strange, you’re not wrong. They make me feel happy because I can imagine them hanging on a wall like a perfect picture of what youth looks like when left to wonder.

You can see them all (even though I have included a lot of them) here.


Osamu Yokonami-15

Osamu Yokonami-16

Osamu Yokonami-17

Osamu Yokonami-11

Osamu Yokonami-10



Osamu Yokonami-8

Osamu Yokonami-9

Osamu Yokonami-22

Osamu Yokonami-23

Osamu Yokonami-20

Osamu Yokonami-19

Osamu Yokonami-3

Osamu Yokonami-5

Osamu Yokonami-7

Osamu Yokonami-4

Osamu Yokonami-18

Osamu Yokonami-21


Osamu Yokonami-12



Osamu Yokonami-2

Osamu Yokonami

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  • candice August 13, 2013 at 11:52 am

    i love these a lot.