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Levis and Me: Brad Reilly

March 14, 2013

As you guys might of seen last week I started a new series with my friend Andrew and Levis called Levis and Me. If you missed the very first post you can click here to see it. Every week we will be posting about 2 new people and todayI have the pleasure of introducing you to Brad Reilly from & Anonymous.

Andrew has also got a new person up on his blog, click here to check them out.







Name: Brad Reilly

Job: Creative Partner at & Anonymous


1. What city do you live in, and how long have you called it home? Johannesburg. Based on average life expectancy of 72 years, about half a lifetime so far.

2.What do you do? I find ideas and then try to find the best people to make them with.

3. What is one of the raddest things you have done wearing a pair of jeans? Raving.

4. If you could live in someone else’s ‘jeans’ for a day who would that person be? I would love to get into Kate Moss’s jeans. She’s my hall pass.

5. What is the one thing/person that influences your style the most? The media – unfortunate, but it’s a reality. Oh, and Woody Allen.

6. Would you rather have a talking tourettes plagued forehead or a girl version of your own face on your lower back? Good luck deciding. I already have both…except the forehead is closer to my chin and I call it my mouth. And the girl version of me is bald and only has one eye.


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  • Kamogelo March 14, 2013 at 11:32 am

    Ey! If you’re looking for new ideas then I’m your guy. I’ve developed designs for sneakers, branded and non-branded ones. You got my mail address!

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