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La Boqueria Parktown North

June 1, 2017


I love all kinds of food so when a new joint opens up in my neighbourhood and it boasts a pretty interesting and diverse menu, which was derived from the owners favourite food markets from around the world, then I’m more than happy to mosey on over and give it a try.

La Boqueria Parktown North has just recently opened its doors on 3rd Ave (a few shops down from The Foundry) and this beautifully designed restaurant is not only an atmospheric pleasure, but it makes some pretty decent food too! The space is huge, surrounded by massive windows, hanging plants, beautiful antiques, considered brick a brack and a bar made entirely from orange post boxes, which was one of my favourite parts. I have this thing with restaurants that I visit, I like looking around and thinking about what I would have designed differently, how I would have filled the space if it was up to me and to be honest I wouldn’t change a thing in La Boqueria, I love the way it looks and feels and would totally steal their macrame plant collection if I could!






I went with two friends to have lunch, which meant that I got to try a bunch of things off the menu because we all wanted our own starter, main and of course dessert and no one wanted the same thing, so I got my fair share of taste testing done.

For starters we had Hot Fried Olives (R46), which were like nuggets of salty gold, so delicious and Peppers De Santiago (R44), imagine if you will sweet and salty blistered peppers with a squeeze of lemon juice, these were too good for words! I would have both these dishes again in a mini heartbeat.




For mains, we were all over the place literally. The menu is extensive but not to the point where you need an hour to decide what to have and the variety of food on offer is pretty awesome. We had a Wonder Bowl (R115) which is a hot ramen noodle bowl with the most delicious and complex miso broth, grilled pork belly, soba noodles, Asian greens, dried chili, pickled cabbage, mushrooms, sprouts and a poached egg. For me this was the dish of the day, it was pretty faultless and super filling.



We also had Asado de Pulp (R115) so coal-fired octopus tapas, pickled radish, chorizo, and caper berries. This was an interesting dish, but I don’t think I will order it again, it was nice but a couple of the pieces of octopus were a bit chewy which I didn’t like (octopus can be like that). The last dish we ordered was Mexicola Chicken (R145) which was cola, honey, soy and ginger marinated chicken thighs served with a tropical cabbage slaw, flat bread, and a spicy creamed avo dip. This was also super tasty and the slaw was amazing.





We obviously couldn’t leave without stuffing our already fat faces with not one but three different desserts. We ordered their Churros (R48) which came with chili chocolate sauce, their Whoppie Pie (R54) which was a white chocolate ice-cream sandwiched between two chewy cookies, Nutella, almond flakes and toasted marshmallows and a Gintonic Tart (R56), lemon tart which comes with a surprise gin, tonic and citrus reduction that sits underneath it that is like nothing I have ever tasted before. All three desserts and I’m not just saying this were flipping amazing! Paris could have been burning all around us and I don’t think we would have noticed.

La Boqueria gets my thumbs up in the food and decor department and I will definitely be back to explore the rest of their menu slash steal their macrame plant collection.

Address: 17 3rd, Parktown North, Johannesburg 2193

Phone: 011 325 0011












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