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The Alphen Boutique Hotel

August 24, 2015

angie and shane

The Alphen-9

Over the weekend Shane and I travelled to Cape Town to attend our friends Matthew and Jess’ wedding. It was held on the beautiful grounds of Babylonstoren, a word I finally have learnt how to pronounce properly! This has been the first time that both Shane and I have been away from Nina and I must say I handled it a lot better that I thought I would. I was a bit teary in the beginning on the way to the airport and I thought about her the entire time we were in Cape Town, but Shane’s parents who were babysitting were so good at sending photos and updates all weekend long that I actually did ok being away from her. She got loads of kisses though when I saw her on Sunday evening!

Whilst in Cape Town we got to stay at The Alphen Boutique Hotel. I’m not sure if any of you have been there before, but if you haven’t I highly recommend that you go. This hotel is one of those places that is quirky and luxurious all at the same time. The decor reminded me of modern day Victorian times, so if Marie Antoinett was still alive and needed a place to stay, I think she would totally book in here. Our room was really nice and so well decorated, I literally could of shoplifted the all black and gold bathroom, if that was even humanly possible. I love it when hotels think about every part of the room and make an effort to really make it special.

The Alphen-16

The Alphen-2

The Alphen

The Alphen-11

The Alphen-17

The Alphen-14

The Alphen-15

The Alphen-10

The Alphen-6

The Alphen-12

The Alphen-13

We also got to dine at one of their two restaurants la Belle which is not only a bistro but a bakery too. The food was really good and it was packed at every meal time with people who weren’t even staying at the hotel, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s popular and for good reason. We tucked into some good old home cooked food at lunch, Shane had a towering burger and chips and I had homemade meatballs and tagliatelle, which was super good. And then for dessert (of course we had dessert) we had a baked cheesecake that came on a sponge base, which was nice for a change and a salted caramel tart with hazelnuts. Yum.

They have another restaurant on the property called 5 Rooms, which is literally 5 separate rooms which have been expertly designed and can be hired out for private functions if you like. The walls of this restaurant are dripping with amazing paintings and every detail from the velvet seating to the chandeliers were right up my alley. I really loved this space, I just wish it was closer to Joburg.

We had such a good time at The Alphen (thanks for having us) and I would definitely go back again.

la Bella

The Alphen-5

la Belle-4

la bella-9

la bella-8

la Belle-2

la bella-10

la Belle-1

la Belle-6

5 Rooms

5 Rooms-3

5 Rooms-2

5 Rooms-1


Tel. +27 (0) 21 795 6300
Address: Alphen Drive, Constantia, 7806, Cape Town, South Africa

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