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Grasshopper pie

October 1, 2012

I baked a Grasshopper Pie for the first time ever the other day. I have seen Nigella make one before and I really liked the colour of it, it’s bright green so when you take the first bite you’re a bit confused as to whether you like it or not. I guess because it looks like you’re biting into into a pie made of melted down Ninja Turtles, but once you get past that you find that it really is quite an interesting dessert. The texture is like firm milky jelly and that together with the chocolate biscuit base is too too nice.

So if you are looking for a fun easy dessert to make, I would suggest this pie for a change. It does need a couple of hours to set, but other than that it’s pretty straight forward and goes down like a treat. The only thing I would change for next time around is I would use a smaller pie dish, I think mine was a bit wide and the slices weren’t thick enough.

For the Biscuit base:

°250 grams Oreos, I used chocolate coated biscuits because I didn’t have Oreos, they don’t last long in our house

°175 grams unsalted butter, melted

For the Filling:

°180 grams large white marshmallows

°180 ml milk

°1/4 tsp peppermint essence

°1/8 tsp green food colourant

°700ml cream

You will also need a 23cm diameter pie dish

1. In a food processor with the blade attachement blitz the chocolate biscuits in a fine crumb. You van also pop them into a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Pop the crumbs into a bowl and mix in the melted butter.

2. Place the buttered crumbs into your pie dish pressing them into the base and sides so they form a shell for your pie. Place this in the fridge for about 35 minutes.

3. Meanwhile start making the filling. You start by melting the marshmallows in the milk over a low heat (Nigella says you shouldn’t rush this process by turning the heat up too high because it will effect the setting process later). Remove from the heat and then add the peppermint essence and food colourant. Stir them in until the mixture is an even green. Set aside to cool for about 15 minutes.

4. Pour 300mls of the cream into a bowl and whip them with a hand mixer until soft peaks form, then fold into the marshmallow mixture. Pour this filling into the chilled biscuit base and leave in the fridge for 1-2 hours to set completely.

5. Once the pie has set, whip the remainder of your cream and then spread it onto of your pie.

6. Get a really big spoon and start shoveling pie into your mouth. Make sure you’re alone when you’re executing this step, it’s just better that way.



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  • fathima October 2, 2012 at 9:55 am

    This looks deeeeeeelish! Love desserts with interesting textures.