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Dani Loureiro

November 19, 2014


A little while back I saw some of Dani Loureiro’s amazing laser cut typographic work on Instagram and at an art fair in Joburg and I was blown away by it. And so this year for mine and Shane’s 6th year wedding anniversary, I decided to commission this local designer to make me a wooden typography piece as a gift for Shane. I came up with a saying ‘forever now then & always’ (these words hold special meaning to us both), she then laid it out in a font that she hand designed and then had it laser cut into the very awesome and intricate piece of art below. It came out amazingly, just like I imagined it would and I was so damn excited to give it to Shane, because he absolutely loves beautifully thought out and executed typography.




Dani, you are a little genius and I really hope I get to hear and see more of your work in the near future.

I have included some 3D and digital type pieces that Dani has designed in the past in this post, so your faces can have some awesome eye candy to snack on. If any of you are interested in anything or are looking for a unique hand crafted piece, do yourselves a favour and contact this girl, you will not be sorry you did, she was amazing to work with and her skills are crazy good.

The first 6 pieces below are all actual 3D artworks (like the one above) – love the ‘lost’ and ‘found’ set.

This is what I had made for our anniversary last year – an amazing illustrative piece by my friend Johnny Kotze, click here to check it out. 

Dani Loureiro-6

Dani Loureiro-7

Dani Loureiro-8

Dani Loureiro-9

Dani Loureiro-11


Dani Loureiro-17


Dani Loureiro-21



Dani Loureiro-24


Dani Loureiro-161


Dani Loureiro-61

Dani Loureiro-51

Dani Loureiro-91

Dani Loureiro-151



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