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Cool spaces: The home of Remo Giuffré

November 20, 2014

Remo Giuffre-2

This is the very eclectic home of Remo Giuffré and his family. I came across this space on Design Files and loved every photo they took of it, wish there were more because there is just so much to look at – my favourite kind of space.

– There is something positively museum-like about this space… it is layered with nostalgic mementoes of family life, and love, and a lifetime of artefacts.  Every family should (and probably does?) have this stuff… but.. somehow, the way it has been lovingly collected and displayed here takes things to another level!

Remo Giuffre

Remo Giuffre-5

Remo Giuffre-9


Remo Giuffre-4

Remo Giuffre-15

Remo Giuffre-3

Remo Giuffre-7

Remo Giuffre-13

Remo Giuffre-6

Remo Giuffre-8

Remo Giuffre-12

Remo Giuffre-1

Remo Giuffre-11



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