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Boogieman by Desmond and The Tutus

August 15, 2016

Boogieman by Desmond and The Tutus


Whhhooo I’m so excited to share Boogieman by Desmond and The Tutus which is their latest music video and song off their album Enjoy Yourself. This dark and humorously creepy video is one that is very close to my heart because I got to co-art direct it with my dear friend and partner in ChurcheAdi Koen. This was such an awesome experience, we got to build the props and put together some of the masks and costumes that are in the video.

So many talented people worked on this project Shane co-directed it with the super talented Greg Rom from Gentlemen Films, Joel Janse Van Vuuren and Anmari Honiball made all the awesome once-off costumes and Devin Toselli was the DOP. I’m so proud of you guys and high-5 to the Jameson INDIE Channel for choosing the best music video concept and for help making this project happen, you guys rule!

The video references the budget horror films of Nollywood and traditional West African garb and the idea centers around Desmond and the Tutus getting kidnapped by the some of the coolest monsters you’ll ever see. I won’t say any more, watch the vide below and if you’re keen to see some behind the scene shots I took on the day, just keep scrolling.

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Desmond and The Tutus

February 10, 2016

desmond and the tutus 2016

I have taken loads of photos of Desmond and The Tutus in the past, in fact I probably have some of the funniest shots of them because I have stuff from when they first started playing together just over 10 years ago! They were all so young and sweet and small, Dougie you were so small! I mean Craig was still in high school for crying in a bucket.

I haven’t shot them in ages because I don’t go to as many gigs anymore, yip I was that girlfriend back in the day that used to go to every single show with my camera attached to my face. So I thought that seeing as I hadn’t photographed them in the while I’d organise a shoot with Adi.

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Teenagers by Desmond & the Tutus

April 1, 2015


Teenagers is the latest single from Desmond & the Tutus and it’s my most favourite song on their new album Enjoy Yourself. Nina and I listen to it at least once a day. Well I listen to it and sing a long, whilst Nina James just stares at me probably wondering what the hell I’m going on about.

They also shot a super rad video featuring their friends and some cool parts of Joburg, including some of their old haunts that they used to play in when they were just baby Desmonds.

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Lucky Song Friday – Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

January 15, 2015


I haven’t posted a ‘Lucky Song Friday’ in a long while, so this week I have a goody for you.

The other day Shane played me this song by Caribou called ‘Can’t Do Without You’ and I fell in love with it immediately. Now I can’t stop listening to it and when I’m not listening to it, I’m trying to sing it, which is not pretty.

Do yourselves a favour and listen to this song, you’ll be happy you did.

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