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Bryn Perrott

March 1, 2013

I came across Bryn Perrott on itswhatiminto and then went through her entire Tumblr account whilst talking to myself about how much I like her work. Wow, this lady can draw like no ones business. Her drawings/carvings remind me of my Russian tattoo book that I own. Each one is so special and strange (good strange) in it’s own right that if I was confronted by a wall of them I would battle to choose which one I would pull off and run like hell with.

Bryn I like your work and I would love to own one, one of a 5-eyed crying catwolf with a dagger in it’s head that says ‘You will never be mine’. Because I will never ever own a cat ever (woe is me) or a wolf for that matter, but I would own the best piece of art ever made. Yes.

I tried to pick just a few of my favourites to show you, as you can see I failed at that, so here are my 16 favourites.

– I started getting tattooed seven years ago and started working in a tattoo shop fours years ago. I have since become increasingly interested in the aesthetic and history of tattoo images because of the simplicity and directness those images convey to even the briefest of glances. Which is why I reference heavily from tattoo history; I’m trying to present these images in an equally strong but new context. Essentially I want to pay homage to those references and influences, to the history of an industry built on real work. That, and to always revamp these icons without tiring them out.


















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  • Monique March 1, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    These are gorgeous…I want ALL of them!!