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Let’s get Tropsi – Dear Rae

October 14, 2014


Ok so I got super spoilt by the team over at Dear Rae. WOW. I received a beautifully packaged ring yesterday with loads of photos of their new Let’s Go Tropsi Collection, which is really pretty and delicate and made up of glints of gold, native shapes and lavish colours that come through in the use of precious stones. I’m a huge fan of Dear Rae’s creations, in fact every time I wear any Dear Rae piece that I own, someone asks me where it comes from. I find everything that they make so simple and unfussy, but really eye catching and beautiful at the same time and I’m super happy with my awesome ‘delicious monster’ ring that they sent me, which I definitely think needs some friends, because they look so good stacked.

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Jarapa Jarapa clothing

July 7, 2014

Jarapa Jarapa-2

These very crazy, but cool pieces are made by Barcelona based label Jarapa Jarapa. From what I can gather via their Facebook page and a very helpful Spanish to English online translator, I’ve learnt that each piece that this label makes is unique and never repeated, once made ​​the pattern for that specific item is destroyed, so that the buyer is the only one that owns it. How cool is that?

I really like all the mad patterns they use to spruce up a shirt or a denim jacket, I mean who would say no to a bacon shirt? What about a dinosaur or a banana one, not me, that’s for sure.

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Lauren Moffatt Fall 2014

March 18, 2014



I have blogged many a times about the very talented designer Lauren Moffatt and today on Calivintage I spotted her new Fall 2014 collection, which just like all the other clothes she designs and makes are really, really pretty.

Again she has gone for loads of prints, colours and silhouettes so there are lots of pieces to choose from, in fact you could create a whole new wardrobe from scratch just by stocking it up with her stuff.

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