A slice of Illovo

April 20, 2018


Shane and I live in what I think is one of the best buildings in Illovo and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a second unit in our block, which hadn’t been touched for probably the last 40 years! The walls were literally yellow from age and the carpets, which were originally beige (that seemed to be a damn popular colour back in the day) were a now a sad shade of grey, so Shane and I ripped everything out and gave this awesome space a refresh! New kitchen, bathrooms, lights, cupboards and shiny wooden parquet floors. It was a pretty fun project to work on, but now our 140 square meter, two bedroom, two bathroom kid needs a new family. Yip, we’re looking for tenants, so take a cyber look around and if you’re keen to rent our space from us, drop me a mail and we can meet up –

When designing this flat we came across some awesome finishes that I thought I would share with you guys just in case you were also renovating and looking for bits and pieces.

I know that when we were renovating the flat we live in now I would have killed for a bigger, better tile selection. I actually never thought tiles could be so boring until we went looking for anything that wasn’t terracotta, beige or the colour of plumbers putty. We actually found such an awesome selection at Itatile from mosaics to subways, to patterned tiles, to big concrete and wooden tiles and more. I was really impressed with the amount of stuff they had and it was cool that we didn’t have to drive to all sorts of out of the way places to look for stuff.




Another thing that I find hard to source is really nice bathroom accessories, but luckily for us, Shane’s cousin is the Pedersen in Pedersen and Lennard and they make all sorts of amazing things, I’m talking furniture, lighting, storage, beds, seating, kids stuff and home accessories, including bathroom accessories. We kitted both new bathrooms out in their super awesome wood and stainless steel Stockholm Bathroom Set which was only R550 for the hand towel and towel rail base and the toilet roll holder! I actually couldn’t believe the price of this set, it’s totally worth every cent.






We also found really cool light fittings at a place called Glo Lighting in Parkhurst. They have fixtures which will make your face happy and your credit card super unhappy and they have fixtures that will make your face and your credit card happy 🙂 and their selection is really nice and big! Their website isn’t much to look at but their showroom is pretty impressive.

We also worked with really awesome kitchen cabinet guys, so if you’re looking for someone to redo your kitchen just let me know and I’ll give you their details.

ps: The floors look a little dusty in these photos, that’s because they were a little dusty when I was shooting the flat, so just excuse the footprints 🙂











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  • Reply Yasmin Mayat April 20, 2018 at 9:26 pm

    It looks great Angie! The bathrooms really make a big difference.

    • Reply angie April 23, 2018 at 10:06 pm

      I agree, there is nothing like a new bathroom 🙂

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