Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Initiative

June 11, 2015


I was approached by MySchool who this coming Youth Day is running a campaign to raise funds for the Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Initiative. This initiative provides school children with a very basic yet needed tool, a desk, which you probably think isn’t such a big deal. But through research it’s been proven that it makes the biggest difference in these kids lives. Right at the bottom I have included some stats, which I found pretty interesting.

They asked me to try work for a few HOURS without a desk to see how I would cope with the situation. I didn’t last 12 minutes! Not only was it uncomfortable and super impractical, but Nina James was very amused with the fact that I was on the floor a.k.a her height, so she was all over everything and I got zero work done.

So you’re probably wondering what I’m getting at. For Youth Day 2016 MySchool is aiming to raise R350 000-00 which will help provide 2 500 children with lap desks. So from the 13th to the 16th June every time a MySchool, MyVillage or MyPlanet card is swiped MySchool will give an extra R1 towards this initiative (‘extra’ meaning over and above the funds from that purchase that go to the chosen beneficiary). So all I’m asking is that you swipe your cards as many times as possible during this period to help them raise as much cash as possible. And that’s it, this is just a post about a cool initiative that I think deserves to be taken note of. So please remember to swipe your card to support OR Sign up for a MySchool card and swipe to support the Tutudesk campaign.




-A staggering 3 million children in South Africa attend school daily without the benefit of a classroom desk, a most basic yet critically important tool in their literacy and academic development. Some of you may think that it doesn’t really make a difference to their learning, but it does! Research has shown that with the introduction of a lap desk there was a sharp improvement in multiple areas relating to literacy development and academic performance – 80% of teachers said that learner’s handwriting was easier to read, 77% said that Tutudesk had made learning easier for their students and that they were able to teach more effectively, 76% of teachers advised that Tutudesks had significantly improved the overall learning experience for their pupils  and there was an overall 65% improvement in homework delivery.

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