Wunderamestal National Park by Ricardo Rodrigues

August 16, 2013


I think this idea is so super cool, Ricardo Rodrigues has taken a whole lot of postcards of different places and pieced them together to make new places that only exsist on paper. I like this idea a lot.

With this project I aim to create the nostalgia and the wow feeling of the world’s first great discoveries. I am to build an intangible beautiful place full of mysteries that defies the physical laws of our planet. A whimsical place that would never exist in real life due to physical and geological constraints, but a place that will astonish people due to it’s bewildering and law-defying landscapes. A landscape impossible to ignore. This place only exists in my head. It’s there, day and night, haunting me with it’s unseen beauty and unclaimed peaks. Nature, light and wilderness as I see it.”

Source This is paper
















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