Woolworths Winter

March 26, 2013

So Winter is on it’s chilly way, which I’m not sad about, it means I get to haul out my jerseys for another round which I’m looking forward to. Last week I received a Woolworths Winter fashion pack in the mail to announce the arrival of their Autumn/Winter range. They sent me such pretty stuff – I received this beautiful dusty pink blouse, which I love by the way. And a pair of the softest black pants, I’m not sure what material they are made from but the are amazing because they’re like skinny jeans, but smarter and super comfy. I think I may need a second pair. I also got a pair of blue suede shoes, that are super cute.

I checked out some of the other new items that they have bought in for Winter and I’m not just saying this because I got spoilt (and I mean that), but there are some really really cool pieces. There are lace blouses and awesome jerseys and jumpers and studded jackets and cool boots etc But you don’t have to believe me you can check it out yourselves in-store now.

You can also watch the video below that has some of the collection in it, but I suggest you go in-store. I was there the other day and there is a jersey with hearts on it a delicate lace blouse that both have my name on them.






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  • Natasha March 26, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    The other day I was in Woolworths and saw an amazing blazer and for a few seconds I wanted to marry it.