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Penny Davenport

August 13, 2012

Ooooh lookie lookie at Penny Davenport’s very intricate and quirky ink drawings. I came across her last night, I also found a site that sells her limited edition prints. I have totally mailed her about the crazy cats below, want to know if she will send them to South Africa. Hopefully they will be arriving at my door soon. Can’t wait. Penny I like the way you see things.

– Penny Davenport is a Scottish artist who makes mysterious ink and pen drawings of animals, owls and scenes from the nature from the stories she has written. “My inspirations include human eyes (especially in masks) and animals, fur (both clean and matted!), nature, the positions of animals in taxidermy, unusual images and old photographs.” With her intriguing artwork she is constantly trying “to explore the area that rests between the otherworldly and the familiar.”

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  • Lea August 13, 2012 at 11:48 am

    its a bit sspppoookkky looking to me – don’t know if I coudl hang one in my room or by the couch, in fact anywhere I’d be taking a nap 🙂