Mobile Mommy Makeovers

November 8, 2016


Sometimes when I’m in desperate need of a blow wave and a trim or a facial and a bit of a neck and shoulder massage, I literally sigh at the thought of getting out of my tracksuit pants and leaving my house to go to a salon and hang out for the next 3 hours. All I literally want to do is click my fingers and have someone appear in my house, have what I need done and then poof they’re gone again.

So a few weeks back I tried out a clever little company called Mobile Mommy Makeovers which is owned and run by Bronwyn, who is one of the sweetest people I have ever come across. I was really wanting a facial so I thought I would have her over and try her out to see if I was keen to add to my list of pampers next time around.


Bronwyn arrived with her neatly folded up kit, unpacked and spoilt my face with one of the nicest facials and shoulder massages I have had in a very long while and all in the comfort of my own home, which was pretty damn amazing. But here’s the best part, if you’re a mom and you don’t have any extra help at home, Bronwyn will bring along a fully qualified nanny to watch over your precious youngins while you drift off into spa dreamland! How awesome?!

Mobile Mommy Makeovers not only offers facials and skincare treatments but mani and pedis, massages, hair styling and treatments as well as waxing. The only thing missing is two people standing on either side of you feeding you with cake whilst you’re having your treatments done. Brownwyn you can totally have that idea if you like, just as long as I’m your Guinee pig on its maiden run.







Guys, Mobile Mommy Makeovers is a smart local business run by someone who is passionate and driven and knows her way around a face, another cool thing is that all the products that she uses which are made by TheraVine are produced locally, which makes me very happy.

So do yourselves a favour and contact Bronwyn on +27 82 565 3197 or email her at and book yourself some ME time in your own home. See you soon Bronwyn and don’t forget the cake next time hehe.

PS: Thanks Anna-Belle for helping me take some photos, this post would have looked a lot different if you weren’t around.

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