Marks Sign

April 19, 2016

Marks Sign


Shane has a friend called Mark who is the most amazing local artist who paints pretty much anything you can imagine. He was the talented hands behind Desmond and The Tutus’ second album cover and made us the best family portrait (before our Neens came along).

The thing about Mark is that you can show him absolutely anything, any photo, any typeface, any reference and he’ll make it for you in his crazy talented style. So Shane knowing just how talented this man is has made it his mission to help get Mark’s name out there by helping him start an online business, because more people need to see and OWN Mark’s work.

Mark was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1972 and is one of 3 boys. In 2001, he moved to South Africa to pursue a career in art and sign painting. He lives in Observatory with his wife and four awesome kids. He has a makeshift studio in his garden where he paints and creates his special artworks.

I love Mark’s style, it’s prefect in the most imperfect way and I really hope he gets all the success he deserves. So please share his site and while you’re at it why not order a family portrait, or maybe your favourite album cover or movie character etc. It’ll be the best piece of art you will ever own. I promise.

He takes commissions and you can contact him via his site Marks Sign. He also have a few limited edition prints and originals available of some of the work below, which is all on his site.

You can also follow Mark on Instagram here.

Mark Sign-3

Mark Sign-4

Mark Sign-6

Mark Sign-7

Mark Sign-8

starwars poster




Mark Sign-10

Mark Sign-11





mark sign-18

mark sign-19

mark sign-20

Mark Sign-16


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