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Levis and Me: Daniela Riquelme Morales

May 15, 2013


Spot number 12 in our Levis and Me project belongs to one Miss Daniela Riquelme Morales who is, as she puts it, a modern day pirate, which I think sounds like a pretty cool job. We shot her in this pretty Levis Nancy Dress and then asked her a few questions about herself…

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Name: Daniela Riquelme Morales

Job: Cruise Ship Worker (modern day pirate)


1. What city do you live in, and how long have you called it home? When im not living in a tin can floating on the ocean, I live in The City of Gold, although I’ve yet to find any.

2. What do you do? When im not styling the hair of rich, old folk sailing around the world for 9 months of the year, I spend my days watching Friends and Cake Boss, eating biltong, heaving in public places and impersonating Pocahontas.

3. What is one of the raddest things you have done wearing a pair of jeans? I joined my first ship in Darwin, Australia, I was sweating profusely, I was wearing jeans, I knew that this would be the start of a FAB, new adventure.

4. If you could live in someone else’s ‘jeans’ for a day who would that person be? Like EVERY sane, warm-blooded female, I would want nothing more than to reside in the front pocket of Harry Potter’s jeans, and never leave! Not only would i finally get into Hogwarts but I’d also get to find out if those “Equus” rumours were true.

5. What is the one thing/person that influences your style the most? My ‘style’ is influenced by the three most fashionable people in the world: Joan Rivers and Ellen Degeneres and Desmond Tutu.

6. would you rather always smell like a bacon and cheese burger that has been left in the sun for too long or 3 month old fish fingers? Real mature guys, everyone knows that those two things smell exactly the same.

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