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Kiekies – No. 4 – Wolfeyebrows

May 28, 2014


I haven’t posted one of these in a while, so today I thought I would introduce you all to my friend Cath who goes by the name Wolfeyebrows on Instagram. She is a talented illustrator who lives and works in Cape Town and lately she has been flooding (in the best way) her Instagram feed with monthly illustrative projects, which are just too awesome. Each month she chooses a different theme and then she draws a picture a day. Below I have included some of my favourite illustrations from her so far.

She also takes pretty photos and they are scattered in and amongst her drawings, so she’s definitely worth following. I asked Cath some questions about this project, see the answers below, after the pictures.

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1. How long have you been on Instagram? Approximately 3 years.

3. Could you live without it? Yes, but I’d rather not. It’s a wonderful distraction.

4. You have started a monthly illustrative project on Instagram, what made you think about using that as a platform to host it? The project has a sense of immediacy – drawing everyday for 30 consecutive days around a given theme and then repeating the process. So, it made sense for me to use a platform like Instagram that is instant and immediate. I also wanted an audience to prevent me from abandoning the project. Nothing like peer pressure to keep you going!

5. How long do you see the project going on for and what is your plan for all the amazing drawings at the end of it? The project is set to continue for the rest of the year and then I’ll reevaluate. I do like the habit of drawing everyday, so I may create a new incarnation of the project to keep that going. I’m not sure what to do with the drawings – I didn’t really think about it at the start of the process, it was more a way for me to get back into illustration. There has been a very positive response to project, the crest and patron saint series in particular, so I may include some of them in a future exhibition. The other more personal drawings, like the daily diary and clothing portraits, lend themselves to more intimate kinds of presentation – I was thinking a zine but I may just keep them for myself. Some people have contacted me to buy prints, which I didn’t expect, so I’ll be looking into converting the original illustrations into prints soon for those with a smaller budget. The project has also sparked some commissioned illustration work that I am really enjoying and would like to grow in the future.

6. How do you come up with the themes for each month? The themes are largely informed by my interests and background. I majored in History of Art and English literature at University, both subjects are inspirational goldmines. For example, the patron saint series allowed me to draw from the religious iconography I had studied in History of Art and Sociology. I’m an academic at heart, so this project allows me to express that visually.

7. Who are some of your most favourite instagramers? This is a tough one….I like following other illustrators, some of my favourites are Carla Fuentes (@littleisdrawing), Rui Tenreiro (@tenreirui), Ping Zhu (@pingszoo) and Katrin Coetzer (@trini_prins). National Geographic’s (@natgeo) Instagram feed is also phenomenal.

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