Ever – Nicolás Romero

November 6, 2012

Ever - Nicolás Romero-3

Ever - Nicolás Romero-2

I finally got my hands on the painting I bought from A Word Of Art a couple fo months ago. Fetched it when I was in Cape Town over the weekend.

I saw this piece via Instagram and bought it a day later and I’m not sorry I did. This painting by Ever – Nicolás Romero is so cool in real life it makes me want to cry tears of happy joy.

Ever (Nicolás Santiago Romero Escalada) is a graffiti artist who lives in Buenos Aires, I have included some more examples of his amazing work for you to look at. Enjoy.

Ever - Nicolás Romero-5

Ever - Nicolás Romero

– Ever (Nicolás Romero) began as a letter-based graffiti writer on the streets of Buenos Aires in the 1990’s. Over time, he moved into aerosol and brush murals and realistic portraits with abstract details–for example, the characteristic bright-patterned thought clouds streaming from the eyes of most of his faces.

Ever - Nicolás Romero-6

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  • Nicola November 6, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    que barbaro!!! venite por sudafrica Nicolas!!!!