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Crumbs and Cream

April 5, 2017

Crumbs and Cream
I don’t know if it’s just me but suddenly there seem to be a lot of ice-cream shops opening up all over the place, which I’m not complaining about because I love me some ice-cream. So here I am about to tell you about the newest one I’ve come across, which has just opened up in my all time favourite suburb Illovo.

Yip Crumbs & Cream have come to my neighbourhood and they’ve brought with them the ever delicious looking ice-cream cookie sandwich. So imagine if you will an assortment of freshly baked cookies and an array of creamy ice-creams all waiting for you to smoosh together into one big happy family that you can then eat.

Crumbs and Cream-14

Crumbs and Cream-3

Here is a quick run through of how this works – You walk in and are immediately absorbed by the amazing smell of freshly baked goods, you then go on to choose the cookies you’d like to make up your sandwich, you can have two different ones if you like, then you pick your ice-cream or sorbet filling. They then pop a nice round scoop of that onto one cookie, close it with the other and then if you fancy you can add some toppings of your choice to your creation.

They have all sorts of flavours from milktart cookies to Oreo cookies to candy crush, peanut butter, and choc chip, just to name a few and their ice-cream and sorbet selection is also really nice, there are a few usuals suspects on the menu and then there are some wild cards like Turkish Delight and Oreo monster flavour.

PS: They have banting cookies and dairy free ice-cream too.

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I ordered a milktart cookie and choc mint ice-cream sandwich with mini marshmallows and sprinkles. This combination was really delicious, the cinnamon from the cookies complimented the ice-cream really nicely and the marhsmallows added an awesome texture. Then I jumped onto one of their indoor swings (yes they have a couple of indoor swings) and stuffed my face.

This little place is small and sweet and it’ll take care of your sweet tooth just right!

Address: Illovo Junction, Illovo, Sandton

Crumbs and Cream-2


Crumbs and Cream-5

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