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August 5, 2011

I got so spoilt for my birthday by all my friends, I’m breaking the present post into two so I don’t have too many big files in one post. The Nigel Slater cook book is from Cath and Doug. Do you guys know Nigel Slater? He is such a brilliant cook, so I was super happy to get one of his books and I think Shane is going to be too hee.

Above is a life size human skull candle from Hilton, Clint and Tegan. This thing is flipping awesome, but so strange. I wonder what it’s going to be like when it starts melting. I will post pictures.

Candice, Candice T and Julia, I love my pretty scarf and I love my photo frame, you ladies did good. I’m thinking of framing a polaroid of Shane and I at my party, I checked it out, it looks perfect in it. So well done!

Now the gift on the left is very special, my friend Dave picked it out for me himself and I think it is very sweet, it’s a beanie slash scarf. So it’s an all in one scarf beanie hahhaa it’s too too cool, when I put it on I felt like I should be travelling down a chocolate shoot in the Willy Wonker factory – Dave it is very special and I love it, thank you my friend. Trevor bought me a mini tri-pod for my camera so that every now and then Shane and I can be in a photo together, so clever! And Bridgette, who couldn’t make it sent over some chocolate covered almonds – yup those are long gone xx


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