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I think about you everyday

March 29, 2016


Adi and I worked on a new project for our creative collective called Churche. We wanted to create a series that we could share everyday for a whole week and we were hoping that people would like them enough to share them too. So thanks to everyone who liked, commented and shared these posts, we really appreciate all the support.

If you guys haven’t seen all of them I have included them all here in the order that they went up and if you would like to follow us on Instagram or Facebook just click here and here.

We’re also thinking of perhaps creating a few more of these and having an exhibition where you can buy them, do you guys think that’s a good idea?

Churche would love to work with all sorts of people and products, so if you think you have something for us, drop me a mail and we can all chat chat chat –

Photographer/Art Director: Angie Batis Durrant – Stylist/Art Director: Adi Koen







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