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March 2, 2016



I often have flying dreams, glorious wonderful flying dreams where I’m soaring through the air like a crazy bird whose inhaled way too much fresh air. So when I got the opportunity to go on one of the world’s highest, longest and fastest ziplines, I was in like flint!

Zip2000 which is found in Sun City is situated high above the Palace and is run by and awesome bunch of people. It’s 2km long and whilst on it you can reach speeds of over 160km/h which makes it a ride unlike any other, because you actually have time to look around and enjoy it after you’ve screamed like a little girl for the first few seconds. When you’re up there you do get a little nervous, depending on how scared you are of things like this, but it didn’t take any convincing to get me strapped in and pushed off. I loved it! I’m not lying when I say that you literally feel like Superman, minus the cape and your underwear being on the outside of your pants. It was so much fun that I almost asked if they could take us back up again for another round.

If you ever find yourself in Sun City do yourselves a favour and book with Zip2000, it is a little pricey at R560 a person, but if you’ve ever wondered what it must feel like to literally fly then don’t even think twice, just go!

I think next time I’m going to sing Nelly Furtado’s “I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly awaaaaaaay” on my way down. Geez remember her? Blast from the past.











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