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Yet another home in a church that I don’t live in. Sigh.

June 17, 2014

church house-1

Here is yet another amazing amazing space that used to be a church, but is now someone’s awesome home. This weatherboard church in Lower Portland, NSW belongs to Elise Pioch Balzac and her husband Pablo Chappell and it’s been done up so simply, but it’s still so homely and inviting.

It’s mine and Shane’s dream to stumble across a piece of property like this and transform it into a an amazing space to live, think we may have to move to Australia to do it because whenever I come across places like this, they are never anywhere near us, ever!

-The church dates back to 1880, and was operational until 10 years ago. ‘It has seen many floods and bush fires, and we hope it will brave Australia’s hazards for a few more centuries’ says Elise.  


church house-13

church house-2

church house-10

church house-4

church house-9

church house-6

church house-5

church house-3

church house-14

church house-7

church house-8

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