Tri-Circ-Circ by & Anonymous.

June 14, 2013

Tri-Circ-Circ from & Anonymous on Vimeo.

My good friends have started a company called & Anonymous. Three nights ago they showcased a 2-minute movie that they have been working on for the last few months. They commissioned a few different people (artists, designers, musicians, film directors even a mother-in-law) to make them balaclavas for the movie, I also got to make one, which was super fun.

We all went to The Alex theatre on Tuesday night and watched it, we also got to see a 60 piece youth orchestra all dressed up in balaclavas perform. The whole experience was amazing, I haven’t been to anything like it before and i really think they did such a great job on the film and the event.

Check their film out below and if anyone is looking for some beyond awesome minds to come up with some ideas like you’ve never heard of before, do yourself a favour and contact them. 

Here is a photo of the balaclava I made and some cool postcards of some of the other ones too, that Sasha Waldman shot.











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