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The Sheds @1Fox

October 13, 2014

The Sheds-15

The Sheds

Yesterday myself and Anna-Belle took a quick drive into town to go check out the brand spanking new market that has just opened up called The Sheds @1Fox. Anna-Belle told me about it a while ago and I have been so excited all week to check this space out and I wasn’t disappointed. The actual venue itself is massive and the potential that it holds for future marvellous things is huge. We just happened to literally bump into one of the owners, Jan Roode and he filled us in on what their plans are for this space and it all sounds very exciting, I can’t wait.

For now though, it’s a market set up in an awesome old warehouse with loads of different food stalls that sell all sorts of things from oysters, to waffles, to ribs, to Paul’s Homemade Ice-cream, there are also a couple of bars and lots and lots of tables for you to spread your food loot out, so you can dive in comfortably, like a ravenous shipwreck survivor. There aren’t very many clothing/things stores just yet, but I’m sure that’ll change soon, as the space is so big and ripe for lots of different stalls to fill it.

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angie batis

As for how to get there, it’s super easy. I’m not the biggest fan of getting lost in town, if the place is hard to find then I usually just give it a miss, but this is easy to get to and there is lots of parking right next to the venue, so you don’t have to drive around like a crazy person trying to find an open spot, swearing at every person you see that you think is going to get into their car and leave, but is actually just getting something from the boot (I’m guilty of that, a lot).

Anna-Belle and I also took a quick stroll to a cool Chinese Supermarket around the corner that she likes buying rice from hehe. It was full of all sorts of awesome stuff and we did a bit of a shop there too.

So all in all our little visit to The Sheds was a successful one and I’ll definitely be back.

For now you can visit The Sheds@1Fox every Thursday to Sunday, trading from 10:00 – 18:00.

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