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The Hertford Country Hotel

September 20, 2017


Last weekend we packed the kids in the car and took a drive to The Hertford Country Hotel for Sunday lunch. This place is set in and amongst 23 hectares of the most beautiful gardens and trees and makes for such a lovely day out! Shane and I are often stuck for nice places to take the kids where they can just round around outside and we can be guaranteed a tasty meal, so Hertford landed up being such a treat.

Our in-laws came along so there were four of us taking turns exploring the endless gardens with Nina but luckily for us, we were surrounded by nature’s brilliant splendor so we really didn’t mind. There was also a sparkly pool near the restaurant, which by the end of lunch Neens was splashing around in…that’s the great thing about being a toddler, if there’s a pool and you want to swim then you get in your undies and you swim, it’s a different story altogether if you’re an adult, but hey!



Hertford has a set Sunday lunch menu, but they have just recently introduced a tapas menu which is what we opted for as it seemed like the perfect choice for a warm September afternoon. There were four adults and we ordered three platters, which in hindsight may have been a bit overkill, but I’m Greek which directly translated means ‘The more food for your belly the better’. We actually tried one of each so a Mediterranean Platter, a Cheese Platter and a Greek Platter. All of them were packed with really fresh and tasty tidbits like hummus, souvlakis, artichokes, international cheeses, olive tapenade, meatballs, bruschetta, preserves, pita and more and by the end of it, we were all beyond stuffed. We didn’t even have space for malva pudding, which was a bit upsetting, to say the least.

The afternoon felt like we had spent it just right relaxing under a massive tree with the sun peeking through, chatting and doing what we like doing best, which is eat eat eat. Hertford we will definitely be back!

Address: Elandsdrift Road Lanseria Gauteng

Telephone number: 087 150 7607
















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