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Mr. Neon.

June 13, 2012

This is some of the design work of Johnny Kotze, who is not only one of the most talented illustrators I have ever met (this guy is like some kind of drawing machine. I think if Johnny was in my art class when I was in kindergarden, I would of pushed him off the top of the slide every chance I got), but also a great musician too, who has a very cool band called Johnny Neon. To read more about him and to check out more of his work, click through to my interview with him on itswhatiminto.

paintings, wolves

Hello Mr Wolf, i really like your stylzz.

March 31, 2010


Mr Johnny Neon drew this amazing “mr wolf” picture for our shop, which just by the way now has it’s own blog. it doesn’t have much on it, but it will, oh yes it will….anyway back to this awesome picture – it is so detailed, he has drawn every little individual hair on this creature, no lies and how stylish is he? anchor necklace? what? nice. thanks johnny x

*he is for sale, if anyone is interested, but you’re going to have to come visit to find out how much he’s going for. hehe x x