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Dinner time

November 4, 2011

On Wednesday night I was invited by Canderel to a dinner with 5 other local bloggers. We were liquored up with some sweet sweet port (my favourite) and then paired up to cook – me and my partner made mini tomato tart tartins, which came out really nicely, the second team made duck with spiced plum sauce (holy moly yum!) and the 3rd team baked red velvet cupcakes, which I didn’t indulge in because I’m faithful to one red cake and one red cake alone awwooooo.

The evening was super enjoyable, I got to meet some really nice people – Jeanette, Alida, Jess, Roxy, and Tanya. I got to eat some really nice food and I got a really nice gift bag to take home with me.

Thanks again Natasha and Canderel team for the invite and the very cool evening, me and my appetite had too much fun.

Here is the recipe for mini tomato tart tartins, i’m definitely going to make them again, but next time I might add one or 2 extra ingredients, like asparagus or mushrooms. Damn it I’m hungry now and licking the screen isn’t helping.

These are all the nice things I got in my parcel. Some sweet Canderel product. A heart shaped piece of metal, which is actually a a ‘pancake shaper’. How flipping cool is that? I can make them and then serve them in my new heart-shaped Le Creuset casserole dish.

I will be the first to admit that the I have hit the Le Creuset lotto this week. My collection has doubled over the last few days and for this I would like to thank my sugar daddies, Shane and Canderal hehe.