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Potipoti Spring/Summer 2014 collection

October 9, 2013


I spotted Potipoti Spring/Summer 2014 collection on Pinterest the other day and then again on Cath’s blog and I couldn’t help but reblog about it here because this collection is so bright and fun and right up Summer’s alley. The patterns and colours make me want to smash a watermelon in my face while I jump off a diving board into a blue blue pool. And seeing as their store in located in good old Berlin, I’m thinking I have to pay them a little visit, maybe get me a matching sweater-backpack combo, I like that style a lot! Yes.

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Mr Kitly

April 23, 2013

Mr Kitly is a sweet little shopthat stocks a thoughtful and considered collection of functional objects in ceramic, wood and metal; kitchen utensils; textiles and fibre goods; reading matter related to crafts, design and architecture; bath products and soaps; tea and tea accoutrements, as well as indoor plants and a unique selection of plant-related goods. The items we have in store are I think very special, and many are not available anywhere else in Australia. 

I would buy all the ceramic pieces I have pulled off their site and included in this post. Their confetti cups are amazing! Now just to get Mr Kitly to send some stuff over to South Africa. Come on over Mr Kitly, it’s nice here, I promise.

*How rad are the branch toothbrushes? Haha they made me laugh.
























They also sell these awesome throws.

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Awwww thank you Hello Pretty, you are pretty and nice.

November 6, 2012

Yay, this morning in the mail this sweet little creature made by Mary Lou arrived for me. He’s a present from my lovely sponsors at Hello Pretty. Thank you so much guys, this was such a nice surprise. I think I’m going to call him Mr Hello Pretty in your honour.

If you guys haven’t checked Hello Pretty out yet, you should. Their site is jammed packed full of lovely things to buy for all sorts of occasions and people in your life. Just click and shop xxx


What an awesome day.

July 25, 2012

Yesterday I flew to the Mr Price headquarters in Durban to view their new Summer 2012 collection as well check out their new ONLINE store ( goes live on Monday), which by the way is amazing.

In fact the whole day was some what amazing. We were super spoilt by The Mr P team and the whole day/experience was so personalised and lovely. They really went out of their way to show us an awesome time and we got to be the first guys in the country to test drive their new online store. We were given R500 and told to go shopping – shopping, I love that word.

We had a delicious lunch and cocktails like it was no ones business. Emma and I even had whisky in our coffee – yip, we figured we weren’t the ones flying us home (thank goodness) so why the hell not!



The site is so well laid out and so easy to navigate and it’s going to have so much on it to buy. You see not all their shops carry their full range but their site will, so that means you will have over 18 000 things to browse and choose from and the best part, there is a flat delivery rate of R35 no matter how much you buy AND it gets delivered to your house/office/flat/mom’s house/ you name the place and they will send it there. They will even deliver it to your nearest Mr P store.


I really think Mr Price is onto something awesome here, I have never seen such a cool and easy to navigate South African online store before, I really think they have done their homework and done it well. The stuff I ordered yesterday arrived THIS morning and in a cool box to boot. They also have a return policy, so if you don’t like something you send it right back. Easy peasy.

Look at all my neat stuff I got (the maxi skirt is so nice, lovely hangy material).

They also sent us home with a nice goodie bag. We got shoes, a t-shirt, sweets and a Magic Mouse, which Shane has already claimed.

Thanks again guys for everything. If you ever need a guinea pig again for anything, give me a call.