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NIROX Sculpture Park


MasterCard Winter Sculpture Fair – Sunday = Niceday

May 13, 2014


Yesterday I went to the Winter Sculpture Fair with my friends Anna-Belle and Stubs, for an afternoon of sculpture viewing and stuffing of ones faces with amazing food. We had such a lovely time, I went the year before and I loved it, but I think this year was even better, Nirox is such a perfect spot for this event, it’s like it was built just for it. The girls and I had very delicious food from all different vendors and then we proceeded to try make our way through the biggest, most solid block of fudge I have ever laid my fat hands on. It was so good, in fact if I was to win the lotto or a semi-large sum of money in the future I would get the maker of that fudge to build me a 10 foot sculpture out of it so I could die (probably of a sugar-overdose) a very happy person.

Thanks again Artlogic and MasterCard for the tickets and the lovely afternoon.

And thanks Anna-Ballas for letting me photonap some of your shots.

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Winter Sculpture Fair presented by MasterCard – tickets up for grabs

April 28, 2014


It’s almost that time of the year again, almost time for the MasterCard Winter Sculpture Fair 2014. it’s going to be held at the same amazing spot in Johannesburg, The Nirox Sculpture Park over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of May. This year they are going to have double the number of restaurants coming through from Franschhoek, as well as close to 100 pieces of amazing art on display, by over 50 artists.

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A nice sunday with friends, Elvis and the Winter Sculpture fair.

May 6, 2013


Yesterday Shane, Leigh, Brad, Jake and I went to the Mastercard Winter Sculpture Fair out a the NIROX Sculpture Park. Judging from the huge amount of people that attended I would say that it was a roaring success. It was so nice to be out in the sun with friends, good wine and pork belly. They had a bunch of food and wine stalls there that had some pretty tasty things up for offer and the grounds themselves are beautiful, they were green and well looked after and some of the sculptures on show were amazing. Now I’m no art buff, so I appreciated only some of the pieces, others my little mind just couldn’t or rather wouldn’t let me hit the ‘like’ button, I just didn’t get the idea or the sentiment behind them, they were just there filling space, but in the same token there were some that were super cool and interesting, so the art balanced itself out and I was happy. There were also some really nice things to buy there, buy I managed to restrain myself from running up my credit card. Good Angie, good.

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