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Sophie Woodrow – ceramics

March 10, 2014

These crazy-awesome ceramic creations are by Bristol born Sophie Woodrow. Now you know how much I love ceramic creatures, so I was very amped to find these weird and wonderful guys staring back at me from my computer last night – They look like something Tim Burton would make if he took up pottery as a hobby.

– Sophie’s sculptures are not visitors from other worlds, but the ‘might-have-beens’ of this world. She seeks to assemble creatures from the strange notions of what we define as ‘nature’ and of each other as people – as ‘other’.


sophie woodrow

sophie woodrow-19

sophie woodrow-5

sophie woodrow-20

sophie woodrow-2

sophie woodrow-12


sophie woodrow-4

sophie woodrow-6

sophie woodrow-22

sophie woodrow-14

sophie woodrow-21

sophie woodrow-16

sophie woodrow-17

sophie woodrow-9

sophie woodrow-15

sophie woodrow-10

sophie woodrow-13

sophie woodrow-1

sophie woodrow-3

sophie woodrow-18

sophie woodrow-7

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